Why you should meditate today…

I like to start my coaching sessions with meditation. My experience is that clients often have a practice of thinking about meditating, or talking about meditating, but not actually doing the meditating. 

I get it! It took me a long time to fully commit to my practice of daily meditation. But now that I’ve been doing it for 15+ years, I can truly say it is one of the most nourishing transformational tools available. 

So I start each coaching session with meditation as a way of easing my clients into a mediation practice, and reminding them that meditation is always available to them when they’re stuck in their minds or feeling overwhelmed with their emotions. 

Watch this short clip to watch the intro to an intuitive life coaching session beginning with meditation.

When I meditate with a client before I start coaching them, I notice that we can get clear on who in the client’s mind is really doing the talking and who is really doing the listening.

Some of the more anxious, more persistent voices start to fall away and we are left with more truth and clarity for our coaching sessions. 

Even if coaching isn’t right for you right now, or you’re feeling nervous about committing to working together, start with meditation. Just a few minutes can do wonders for your clarity and your sense of peace. ❤️


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