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What You’re Made Of

One thing I know for sure is that each of us is part of the whole. We are all part of the vastness of the universe. And I don’t mean this just in a spiritual sense. There’s actually evidence that 97% of the human body contains stardust. I mean, if that isn’t proof that we’re made up of it all, I don’t know what is.

The more you wake up to the innate intelligence and interconnectedness of our bodies and energy, the more you’ll start to see it everywhere, and the more it will become a principle that guides your life. 

And it’s not just humans. Trees also communicate their needs, send warning signals about environmental changes, search for kin, and transfer nutrients through a network of roots and fungi underground. Researchers found that plants send out a distress signal when they’re not being watered or being harmed. 

Two medical ethicists even made the argument that our bodies shouldn’t be considered the “property” of the body’s owner. Why? Because, “our bodies are made up of non-human material; are unbounded; constantly changing and deeply interconnected with other bodies.”

And we aren’t just connected to other humans. We are connected to the cycles of the moon, which is connected to the ocean tides. We are connected to the cycles of the sun. We are connected to nature. In fact, there’s enormous evidence that being in nature impacts our mood and our health. 

Why is this so important to how we live our lives? Because so much of our suffering and striving comes from seeing ourselves as separate from the whole. As you start to see yourself as one part of a whole, then you start to shift your consciousness and priorities from individuality, ego and self to community, universe and enlightenment. 

For me, there’s no clearer example of this than the concept of energy. It comes from the sun as light and from the earth as water and nutrients, it goes into our bodies and literally brings us to life, and then we pass that energy amongst each other and eventually back into the earth. Our bodies literally glow, in rhythm with our internal body clock. 

Truly honoring and accepting our interconnectedness also can powerfully shift how we treat global issues like climate change, like the mass extinction of animal species that we’re facing, the violence, poverty and famine that millions of people around the world are experiencing. We can shift out of the egoic cycle of blaming others or feeling guilty or rushing to the rescue and start. 

When we are thinking of only ourselves, we see things in finite terms. We only live for a certain amount of time, we only are awake for certain hours of the day, we only have so much energy to get things done. But when we see ourselves as channels that all the energy of the universe flows into and out of, then we can truly experience abundance. 




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Download a free meditation for women at mid-life to help you live your most awakened and abundant life possible.