Make the change and THEN you’ll make the money

Many women start working with me because they want to make a big change in their work lives.

When I ask them what’s holding them back, they always say they need to figure out the money first.

It’s easy to quit your job when you’re in your twenties or even your thirties. But when you’re in your forties, fifties or sixties, chances are you’ve invested a lot in your career. You’ve made invaluable connections. You’ve built something up from the ground. And you are probably making a lot of money.

But you’re also acutely aware of how short life is, and that your time and energy is THE most precious thing you have. You aren’t fulfilled or challenged or living up to your potential and that is intolerable.

You make too much money to leave your job, but you have too much potential to stay in an unfulfilling job.

It’s that perfect trap, isn’t it?

Here’s what I’ve noticed, after spending the last twenty years coaching people through career transitions, the money isn’t just about the money. It often represents safety, fear of failing, a need to stay small, the ego’s desire to protect itself.

Here’s something else I’ve noticed: the people who wait for the financial security to quit their jobs wait a long time, sometimes forever. But the people who make a big change and open themselves up to financial abundance often create income streams they’d never even thought of before.

We were taught that it’s “smart” and “practical” to only take a risk once we have everything figured out. In reality, so many of the biggest steps we take in life, we do with only a tiny amount of information. There are no guarantees when we have kids, when we pick partners or leave partners, when we take jobs, move cities, or face health scares.

Spreadsheets can only get us so far…

And risks can be beautiful magical possibilities.

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