Is there a little voice inside of you that says…

Is there a little voice inside of you that says…

Just be happy with what you have. You don’t need anything more.

Is your job / romantic partner / house really that bad? It’s probably fine…

Think of everything that could go wrong if you do that big thing you’re dreaming of.

You’re not clear yet, don’t make any big decisions.

Let’s just hold on and think about it for a minute.

What if you’re making a mistake? 

That voice…you know the one…that nagging, constant, knows-everything-about-everything voice is your ego. Everyone has that (no matter what they tell you. In fact, if they tell you they don’t have an ego voice…that’s probably their ego voice talking!)

Even me. Right now, working on this email, I’m thinking, “This doesn’t make any sense. Am I even being clear? Why do I think I have the authority to talk about the ego?” 

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. 🥺

This voice is very powerful. Don’t underestimate it. It will do anything to keep you small. 

Here’s the thing: your ego thinks it’s doing you a favor by keeping you small. It will always tell you whatever it thinks you need to hear to keep you from taking a risk, or getting big, or taking bold action. It wants you to stay small and content and satisfied so you don’t get hurt. 

Your ego, the child who says, “I don’t want to pet the dog,” because the dog might bite. “I don’t want to go down the slide,” because it looks scary. Your ego is tiny. And you, your whole self, is big and brave and knows how soft the dog’s fur is and how fun the slide can be. 

If you’re hearing a lot of that voice in your head, that nagging ego voice, I want you to find the other voice, the dreamer, the clear, courageous voice, and take your ego by the hand and say, “we got this.” 💪


✨ Does any of this resonate? ✨

💮 You’ve accomplished beautiful things in your life. Raising kids. Owning a home. Building a successful career. Yet, something feels out of balance. Or you sense there’s something more you’re meant to do.

💮 You already do yoga, meditate, eat pretty well, and try to take good care of yourself. But your current routine isn’t enough. You still feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed or like something is missing.

💮 There are old, frustrating patterns in your life that you really want to change. You’ve tried to change in the past, but the changes never stick.

💮 There has been loss in your life. You’ve felt grief. While you’ve done your best to heal and move on, the pain still lingers. There’s still something that feels unresolved and blocks you from feeling your best.

💮 You’re spiritual and open-minded. You’re open to exploring (or deepening your knowledge) of practices like meditation, energy work, sound healing, mindful movement, Ayurvedic healing, and other modalities that can help you step into a more awakened, abundant life.

💮 You recognize that you still have plenty of life ahead of you. Decades, hopefully. And you don’t want to waste this time. You want to use it to the fullest. You want to wake up feeling excited, purposeful, and eager to dive into your day.

💮 And, you’re a practical person. When you invest in something, you want to see results!

If several of those statements resonate with you, I’d love to chat! I help women over 40 who are looking to focus on their health and wellbeing and become excited about their life again!

And March is the perfect time to give it a try! 

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