Health at every age – I’m too old to be healthy!

A few weeks ago, I picked up a magazine and was flipping through the pages when I saw an advertisement featuring a model who was in a larger body. It was a beautiful photo and it stayed in my mind for days afterwards, even though I couldn’t quite figure out why. 

Then I realized — when I was growing up, you would never see diverse bodies in magazines. I grew up in the age of diet pills, Cindy Crawford, thinner is better, body weight obsession. It would have blown my mind to see a woman in a larger body in a fashion magazine. Now it’s totally normal. 

I’ve recently been learning about the Health at Every Size movement. The basic idea is that your weight does not say anything about your health. And we should not assume that someone is healthy or unhealthy based on their body size. 👏👏

But it makes me think about age, and how we make a lot of assumptions about somebody’s health based on their age. We also make assumptions about our own health based on our own age. 

But how accurate are those assumptions? Why do we assume that our health is going to fade as we get older when there is so much evidence to the contrary? 

I work with middle-aged women so challenging health biases and supporting healthy lifestyles is a big part of the work I do…here’s what I’ve found after years of doing this work…

Not only is it possible for you, right now at whatever age you are, to be the healthiest you’re EVER BEEN, you shouldn’t be settling for anything less! 

It always amazes me how many women settle for chronic pain, exhaustion, sleep issues, aches and stiffness, sedentary lifestyles, and food that makes them feel crappy. And beyond physical health, what about crippling anxiety, spiritual blocks, lack of boundaries, co-dependent relationships, repressed resentments…when we live with all of that every day, when we tell ourselves it’s “okay” to allow our body and mind to suffer with all of that, what does that do to our psyche? 

Of course, medical issues aren’t always in our control. But claiming health is always an option. Every day, you can claim health. You can nurture your physical and mental health. 

Every single day, you can decide that health at every age is possible.

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