Do you feel passionate about the choices you make?

So many of my clients talk about the experience of waking up one day and looking around at their lives — their homes, their relationships, their health, their spiritual work — and thinking: THIS IS MY LIFE?! THIS?! 

Our entire lives are made up of choices, big and small, that define the shape of our lives, the depth of our spiritual practice, the expansiveness of our joy. We choose all the small things: what to say, what to eat, when we sleep, what we read and watch. Even sitting here right now reading this blog post from me is a choice. We choose all the big things: who to spend time with, where to live, what to do for work, what to believe about god, and the universe and the meaning of it all. 

But so many of these choices can feel like they’re being done TO us. We make them on auto-pilot. We choose what we think is being expected of us, or what we see other people choose, or what we innocently hope will make us happy. 

And then, when you wake up to your life…to the sum of all your choices…everything as it is today…it can be overwhelming to think that YOU chose all of that. 

My clients tell me that they don’t even know where to start. They want to make different choices and they want to change their lives (whether that’s with their health or their work or their friendships or their connection to their kids) but then they see themselves just making the same choices over and over again. 

If this is you, there is good news. It may feel like you’re stuck or that your life will never shift, but the same way that you got to this life — choice after choice — is the same way you can get to a happier, more aligned life. That’s the work I do with clients all the time. 

But for today, notice the choices you make. To sit on Instagram or sit on your meditation pillow? To eat leftovers standing up or sit and give your body exactly the kind of nourishment it is craving? To say the uncomfortable honest thing, or smile and stay silent to keep the peace? Notice how you spend your time, how you spend your energy. 

Now choose…what are you going to do after finishing this blog post? 

Make it count!


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