Do you feel invisible?

When I was thirty years old, if you had asked me what being sixty would be like, I would have told you, “Sixty?! That’s so old.” When I was in my thirties, I couldn’t even imagine being sixty. Not only did it feel far off, but it also felt…like an erasure. Like by the time I was sixty, I wouldn’t matter. I would be irrelevant. Invisible. 

That says alot about my mindset at thirty, doesn’t it? The ingrained biases I held about beauty and youth and aging. I thought getting older meant you became invisible. 

A couple weeks ago, I was out to eat and I caught myself having a conversation in my head of a story that now as I’m older, nobody looks at me with sexual interest anymore. When I was younger, I used to turn heads everywhere I went, I was so attractive then, now I’m… I heard all this in my head. And normally I would have believed this story. In fact, I wouldn’t even have thought it was a story — I would have thought it was reality. But this time, I caught myself.

I heard that voice, and I thought — really? Do I know it’s true that nobody looks at me with sexual interest? Do I know if heads are turning? Where’s the evidence of my invisibility? I look in the mirror and I see incredible energy, dynamic wisdom, sexual grace. What part of that says invisible? 

So many of my clients tell me that now that they’re middle-aged, they feel invisible. They miss the attention their younger selves got. I’m not trying to say that they’re making that up — of course not! We live in a culture obsessed with youth and patriarchal beauty standards — but I do think there’s a lot of room to work within that story. 

See, our visibility is not like a window that someone peers into. The person looking at us doesn’t decide if we are visible. It’s more like a magic mirror. When we become visible to ourselves, when our vitality and sexuality and power and confidence is felt, the mirror starts to ripple and bit-by-bit, we appear in all of our glory. 

So, are you ready to be seen? To show up fully? To reclaim your powerful sensual self?

Let me take you on this journey in the next Radiant Risers Mastermind.

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