What You’re Made Of

One thing I know for sure is that each of us is part of the whole. We are all part of the vastness of the universe. And I don’t mean this just in a spiritual sense. There’s actually evidence that 97% of the human body contains stardust. I mean, if that isn’t proof that we’re […]

The difference between ego and intuition

I get really jazzed about intuition. I’m an intuitive person and rely deeply on my intuition to guide me towards authentic, meaningful choices. But I notice there’s a lot of confusion about what intuition actually is. How do you know when that little voice inside of you is your intuition? And if it’s not intuition, […]

The balance between consuming and creating

We live in a culture of consumption. I like to picture the consumption / creation paradigm as a physical process. When we consume, we are taking from the external world and bringing into ourselves, using something on the outside (whether it’s reading news, listening to music or shopping) to shift our experience on the inside. […]