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Are you seeking challenge or support?

I’ve noticed that almost all of the inquiries I get from clients include these words:



I want support in taking on new challenges 

I want somebody to challenge me to make change

Looking for a supportive guide to help me seek my next adventure 

Support and challenge are two VERY different things. We need them both, but often not from the same person. 

A lot of times we ask those around us to challenge us, but we really want them to support us. I’m talking about in our work, in our relationships, with our health, in our therapist’s office. Anywhere that growth and change is happening (which is everywhere!), there is the possibility of being challenged…or being supported. 

Think about it this way…if you’re telling a friend or a partner about a conflict you’re having at work, do you want them to listen and empathize and tell you how hard that sounds? Or do you want them to point out that you’re engaged in a really similar dynamic to past relationships and that there might be a deeper learning here for you? 

Probably sometimes you want one thing, and sometimes you want another, right? Or maybe you want to be challenged by your friend, but supported by your romantic partner. Maybe it depends on your mood. Or the situation. 

And let me be clear: you need BOTH support and challenge to make changes. When you’re in a place of high vulnerability or distress, support is vital to calming the nervous system and triggering the practices of self-love and self-compassion. But if you’re stuck in a pattern and you want to shift to a new way of being, challenge is what’s going to get you there. 

If support is a warm comforting bath, then challenge is a beautiful deep blue swimming hole somewhere in Mexico, daring you to dive in. 

So, what do you need right now?

My dear queen, it’s time that you and I talk things out. 

In order to face your challenges, you need support. And that’s exactly what a coach can do for you.

Someone to talk to when things are going well, and when things feel incredibly hard. Someone who helps you clear obstacles and keep moving forward, instead of backsliding into old patterns. 

I would be honored to be that person for you. 

If you’re interested to explore what working with me one-on-one would look like for you, let’s chat. CLICK HERE and let’s find a time to talk! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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