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Are you identified with being stuck?

Imagine if you moved out of your home today. Just got in your car and drove across town to your brand new home. This new home is an empty house, without furnishings or any of your belongings. You’ve never even been to this new home before, so everything is unfamiliar. 

It’s going to take a while to feel at home. You need to buy a couch, you need to unpack your stuff, you need to start feeling comfortable in these completely new surroundings. And those weeks or months in between might feel really disorienting. You might miss your old home. You might feel like you don’t belong here, in your new home. But eventually, you’ll find that you feel just as home in your new space as you ever did in your old space. 

Now imagine, it’s time to move out of your old house…but you can’t leave. You’re stuck in the driveway,

There’s a difference between being stuck and being in transition. 

>> Transition is about moving from one way of being to another way of being. Maybe that’s an external transition, from one type of work to another, or putting your health last to making your health a priority, or maybe it’s an internal transition, from guarded and fearful to open and seeking, or from insecure and alone to connected and confident. 

What makes transitions so uncomfortable is that when you’re no longer the OLD way of being but you’re not quite the NEW way of being yet, it can feel scary and like you’re flailing around without an anchor and without knowing which way is up and which way is down. 

And since transitions don’t always happen overnight, sometimes you can feel that way for a long time. So you might be telling yourself a story that you’re stuck, but you’re not. As long as there’s movement, there’s some kind of forward motion, there’s shifting, that’s a sign that you’re in transition. 

>> Being stuck is when there is no movement, or the movement is circular because you’re trapped in a pattern that you don’t know how to get out of (or choose not to get out of). Being stuck is when you don’t want the OLD way, you know the OLD way isn’t working and yet you aren’t making any forward motion towards the NEW way. Instead, you’re clinging to the OLD way tightly even while telling yourself (and maybe everybody else!) that you’re ready to be done with the OLD way. 

Almost every client who reaches out to me tells me that they’re stuck. It might be in a marriage or a work situation, it might be related to their health or nutrition. It might be about boundaries or spirituality or anxiety or worries over the future. 

When I ask them if they’re stuck, or if they’re just transitioning to a NEW way of being and haven’t yet arrived…they often don’t know how to tell the difference. 

As part of our work together, we identify how those states feel differently in the body and have very different energetic elements. We set some limitations around stuckness (how many times you’re willing to repeat the same pattern), we talk about the resources that can help with uncomfortable transitions, and so much more.

I offer 1-on-1 coaching for women in the over 40 crowd. We work together privately, just you and me, via phone or video.

As a coach, I’m here to help you:

👑 Discover (or rediscover) your life purpose.
👑 Wake up feeling so excited about your day.
👑 Break free of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.
👑 Feel like the powerful, radiant Queen that you are.

Are you ready for the life of your dreams? If you are, let’s chat. Fill out this short application and we’ll hop on a quick call to see if life coaching is right for you:


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Download a free meditation for women at mid-life to help you live your most awakened and abundant life possible.