Are you feeling stuck? Read this…

I received this message from someone in my FB group a while back…

It’s an agonizing feeling to be stuck. 

There was a two-year period where I was in a job that I hated. I had to keep asking of the universe and in my mediation: 

❓ What should I be doing with my life? 

❓ What’s my purpose? 

❓ What’s next for me? 

And I kept hearing: it shall be revealed. 

It wasn’t a clear “go do this now” kind of answer, but it was an answer all the same. And everything I received in that message, I just felt the light in it. The invitation. 

So I kept meditating, and kept showing up to my own inner work, and kept asking the question.

And it was revealed. That’s part of why I’m here now, with you, doing this work. Because I kept asking and asking and asking, and waiting and waiting and waiting, and when the time was right, the next steps were revealed to me. 

If you’re stuck, or if you feel like a fraud in your own life, or if you feel desperate for some direction, some clarity…you might be telling yourself, I NEED TO MAKE A DECISION!

Maybe you’re all full of that tight frantic energy…I’m tired of waiting! That impatient child inside all of us who is just longing to HAVE IT RIGHT NOW. I feel you. I see you. I’ve been there. 

But just remember, your job right now isn’t to have all the answers, it’s to keep asking the question. ✨

Shine Your Light, 

Rae Marie

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