Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance

This week, I’ve spoken with a lot of clients who are feeling understandably panicked about the pandemic, and potentially going back into their homes, back into quarantine… after just being released out into the world. 

Queen, if that’s you, I want you to know that I am here with you in that fear. In that loss. 

This past 18 months, the universe is reminding us again and again how much we don’t know about the divine mystery of life, and how much is out of our control. 


So much is still in your control…




Leaning towards God. 


The word YES. 

Right now, today, maybe you are with your friends and family. Maybe you are outside in nature. Maybe you are traveling, or maybe you are already back at home for safety reasons. Wherever you are today, that’s it! That’s where you are. 

Is it possible that you’ll be in a completely different situation tomorrow? 


Is it possible that we are going to again have to deal with months of isolation and human suffering?


Is it possible that it might be what the globe needs, what the ecosystem needs, what our political systems need, what each of our own spiritual souls need?


Acceptance is always a gift, always an invitation, always a step closer to God.

If you are struggling to accept what is not in your control, just know you are not alone. If you need a guiding hand or an open ear, that’s what I’m here for.

I invite you to book a call with me. Just a call, no strings attached, just someone to speak to during these uncertain and unexpected times. It can be nice to know someone is right there alongside you without judgement.

Find a time to chat here.


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